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Some of my Astro Gear

The images below show some of my Astronomy Gear. I have so much stuff I have collected over the time, I am sure it is not all listed here.    

Horse Head Nebula

I have tried in the past to get a reasonable image of the horse head nebula, but have never had much success due to the light pollution and lack of experience. I wanted to take advantage of the relatively nice weather and started trying to image the Horse Head Nebula. Light pollution has become a problem in my area, and after several terrible results...

My First Narrow-band Colour Image

Here is my First ever colour image in Narrow Band using the Hubble Palette (kind of). I am still learning how to process  images taken through narrow band filters, so I probably got a bit carried away 🙂 Eta Carinae nebula: Total exposure time is approximately 1.5 hours with 6 x 5 minute exposures for each narrow band filter:  Ha, Sii, and Oiii Filters.

Hydrogen-Alpha Filter vs Red Filter for Astro Imaging

I decided to up the stakes and I purchased a second hand QSI 583wsg camera with a full set of Astrodon RGB and Narrow-band filters. I have only ever used one shot colour cameras in the past. Either an Canon 40D or the QHY8 cooled camera. The QSI is my first mono camera. I have only spent a couple of nights using the camera...

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