Monthly Archive: July 2017

Solar Imaging

Various images of our sun taken through a specifically designed solar telescope. Never look at the sun without the right solar filters.

My kitties

Here are some images of my two cats Rommie and Twitch. They are my Burmese cat buddies.

Some of my Astro Gear

The images below show some of my Astronomy Gear. I have so much stuff I have collected over the time, I am sure it is not all listed here.    

Transit of Venus

Venus Transit

During the once in a lifetime Venus Transit event, I was all setup with two solar telescopes HD recorders and other equipment. However the weather did not cooperate and it was totally overcast :-(.  I did manage to capture a few seconds of video here and there when a crack in the clouds allowed. This image is a processed from a single frame from...

Horse Head Nebula

I have tried in the past to get a reasonable image of the horse head nebula, but have never had much success due to the light pollution and lack of experience. I wanted to take advantage of the relatively nice weather and started trying to image the Horse Head Nebula. Light pollution has become a problem in my area, and after several terrible results...

My First Narrow-band Colour Image

Here is my First ever colour image in Narrow Band using the Hubble Palette (kind of). I am still learning how to process  images taken through narrow band filters, so I probably got a bit carried away 🙂 Eta Carinae nebula: Total exposure time is approximately 1.5 hours with 6 x 5 minute exposures for each narrow band filter:  Ha, Sii, and Oiii Filters.

Hydrogen-Alpha Filter vs Red Filter for Astro Imaging

I decided to up the stakes and I purchased a second hand QSI 583wsg camera with a full set of Astrodon RGB and Narrow-band filters. I have only ever used one shot colour cameras in the past. Either an Canon 40D or the QHY8 cooled camera. The QSI is my first mono camera. I have only spent a couple of nights using the camera...

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