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Welcome to Bill’D’s corner of the net. This website will cover some of my hobbies.  Hopefully, there will be something of interest to you.

This site is currently under construction. Danger! Look out for broken bits and falling blogs.

I love to dabble in all things tech. For me, it is all about the discovery and just learning how things work.

Back in the 80’s and 90’s, I was into 3D modelling and rendering. After that I attempted to fly radio controlled helicopters for a bit. I even played around with robotics to a small extent. Those things are just relics on my shelf now 🙂

This century I started building my own 3D printers. This was way back before there were kits, and you had to source every nut, bolt, rod, and bearing yourself. Oh, and rolls of PLA filament used to cost over one hundred dollars!!!  Thankfully, prices for filament have dropped and there are now some wonderful exotic materials we can print with for different uses.

Nowadays, things like Astrophotography, Music (Synthesizers) and VR keep me entertained. The 3D printing is still around, but now I am focused on simply using the 3d printers rather than building them. (OK maybe I tweak them and print mods for them, but you cant have a 3D printer and not mod it, right?)


Here you will find all sorts of info relating to my adventure through astrophotography. This includes everything from my very first images (embarrassingly) to my latest, my astro gear, and the building of the serenity observatory in my backyard.


Serenity Observatory

This page covers the step by step process of building my observatory Serenity. I go into a bit of detail in the hope that it will help those that are thinking of building their own. Its relatively easy, build a box and add a roof that moves out of the way, but will stay put in a storm 🙂

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